Five Jobs In Accounting (and The Online Degrees That Can Get You There)

The U.S. needs more accounting professionals than ever. Thanks to stricter federal regulations like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, companies of all sizes are hiring more accountants and auditors to help them comply with the new rules–and paying them well. You can join this growing industry with a convenient, affordable online degree from an accredited school.

The accounting industry is a large and profitable one. A recent survey by the American Institute of Public Accountants revealed that over 10% of public accountants work for companies with profits of over $1 billion. Here are five accounting jobs that you can qualify for through online diploma or degree programs.

1. Accounting Clerk
Online diploma and accounting certificate programs can help to prepare you for a job as an accounting clerk. Record-keeping, file management, and tax preparation will be among your chief duties.

2. Auditor
Many auditing jobs do not require a four-year degree, making online learning an even better idea. A 12-to-18-month online diploma or degree program can prepare students for an entry-level position as an internal or external auditor.

3. Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
Public accountants can live and work anywhere there are tax-paying citizens and businesses. Online learning generally works well for future CPAs: the latest tax laws are frequently updated online, and students can find online study programs for the CPA exam.

4. Management Accountant
An online degree in accounting is good preparation for this job. Managing daily costs, income, and long-term investments of a company all fall within the realm of management accounting.

5. Forensic Accountant
Enron, Tyco, even Apple–many major corporations face difficulty managing their complex finances. Earning an online degree in accounting (a bachelor’s degree is a good start) can prepare you for the fascinating job of being a forensic accountant and investigating corporate crimes.