Consulting Expert Chosen As The Fourth Apprentice

The reality television series “The Apprentice” has transformed the boundaries of what competitive reality programming could be. Now, the show’s leader, Donald Trump, has chosen 34-year old consulting professional Randal Pinkett as the fourth apprentice in its history.

The jury is back in and consulting expert Randal Pinkett is hired. In just it’s fourth year on the air, “The Apprentice” has found its latest champion. Donald Trump had a tough decision to choose between the New Jersey consulting firm owner and a talented financial reporter from Chicago. But Trump went with the more experienced contestant who Trump claimed was an effective leader who did so by being nice. The new apprentice will earn a six-figure salary and lead Trump’s next big condominium project in Jersey City, NJ.

Consulting Expert the New Apprentice

  • Maybe Two Hires. . Trump asked Pinkett if perhaps he should hire both of the final contestants because of their incredible leadership abilities and personal charisma, an idea which Pinkett promptly spurned.
  • Which Project?. Pinkett could have chosen a consulting position in one of Trump’s casinos in Atlantic City, but selected the other option.
  • Made in the Shade. . After this major victory, Pinkett’s consulting firm should do an incredible amount of business from the publicity.

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