Citizens Sensitive To Tax Accounting

It’s a boon for tax accounting experts. According to a recent survey, 3 out 5 respondents surveyed by the IRS said they would turn in a tax-cheating neighbor.

It’s an interesting and hard to explain phenomenon. More and more Americans are sensitive to tax cheating. Every year the IRS surveys taxpayers, and this year, more than ever before, respondents are rankled by tax dodgers.

Theories are flying. To some experts, taxpayers are sensitized to tax cheating by recent well-publicized accounting scandals.

Tax Policies, Not Scandals, Create Tax Angels

Others say it’s only tax policy that has citizens rethinking their attitudes. Many states have been implementing tougher measures against tax cheating and tightening rules on tax shelters and tax amnesties.

“It calls to mind an old adage: When they feel the heat they’ll see the light,” said IRS chairman Raymond Wagner, Jr. to the Associated Press.

Accounting Career Benefit

The change in attitude will most likely be a boon in tax accounting careers, which have suffered a setback with the introduction of easy-to-use tax filing software. With more citizens feeling tax conscientious, filing and accuracy in general should increase as well.

Maybe Chairman Wagner has a point. The IRS has tried to increase audits in recent years and tighten rules so that less people can funnel money to tax shelters. Tax accounting careerists have to carefully keep up with IRS policy in order to keep their clients lawful.

Tax Accounting Jobs

While most individuals only do their taxes once a year, large companies are constantly referring to tax specialists to keep in line with the IRS. Most tax accounting specialists work for firms that advise large organizations that handle their taxes year round.

The scandals have had their affect. Companies with any kind of public reputation to maintain have two tax pressures to keep in mind now – the IRS, of course, but their image as well. Since the accounting scandals, the public is extremely sensitive to who is, or is not, paying their fair share. Just ask the neighbors.