Developing Your Career In Business: A Bachelor’s Degree Or MBA Online

More and more students are pursuing degrees in business. Enrollment in MBA programs has increased over 50% in the last 14 years alone, and there are 33% more programs available now. Getting your bachelor’s degree or your MBA online can be a dynamite move for your career.

The Trend Continues
Now that earning a bachelor’s degree, MBA, or any online degree in business is both possible and popular, many students are listening to industry feedback that says their chances are better with an education in business.

One southern university has recently added a bachelor’s degree online to its business degree offerings to meet the needs of local companies–but the great thing about an online degree is that you don’t have to wait for your local college to offer the program you want. You may be able to earn your bachelor’s degree online in less time, too, not to mention your MBA in as little as an additional 18 months.

An Online Degree in Business
Sure, you can earn your bachelor’s degree online, but is it as good as the on-campus version? Absolutely. The traditional accreditation system applies to online degrees, and many on-campus universities are now offering both. It’s estimated that by 2008, one out of every 10 students will be earning an online degree.