Business Management Showing Up In Unlikely Fields

No matter what industry you work in, recent data indicate that you’ll get a noticeable payoff from learning business principles and making them a part of your career education. In fact, business management strategies are showing up in some of the fields you’d least expect.

“Business management” refers to the application of business principles to direct and strategize the development of industry growth. As more industries are realizing the impact that quality business management principles can mean for their bottom line, employers are reaching out to candidates with this critical experience. From the fine arts to scientific research, professionals with business management training are gaining the upper hand. A recent Newsweek report verifies the trend of combining entrepreneurship with traditionally non-business-related fields.

Business Management Gains a Foothold

  • Fine Arts. The University of Illinois is developing an entrepreneurship training class for their fine arts students entitled “The Artist as Inventor, Entrepreneur and Outlaw.”
  • Foreign Languages. An explosion of the Hispanic population in the United States has prompted business-focused training for students seeking credentials in classes such as “Spanish for Business.”
  • Grants Growing. For eight established universities, the Kauffman Foundation has earmarked $25 million grants that will be applied to business management education across the curriculum.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics offers some insight into the push for business management training in these unlikely fields.

Why Business Management is Exploding

  • Job Opportunity. The business management field is expected to see a growth rate of over 60%, making it the fifth fastest growing sector of the economy.
  • Diversity of Options. Opportunities in business management fields include consulting, technology, communications, and design.
  • Top Earnings. Business management grads earned an average of $826 a week in 2004, compared with $529 for workers throughout private industry.

Consider the impact that some business management training might mean in your own field, whatever that field might be. Judging by recent trends, it would be well worth the commitment.