Auditing And Bookkeeping Training: Are Online Schools The Answer?

The beauty of a career as an auditor or bookkeeper is the nearly universal application of the training. Bookkeepers, accountants, and auditing clerks are employed in every industry. In 2004 they held more than 2 million jobs in the United States. Is distance learning a viable solution for students interested in this career path? The answer is yes. Distance learning is gaining a solid reputation–not only equaling but even, in some respects, exceeding the quality of traditional education. Recently, the Sloan Consortium asked academic leaders if the quality of an online education might match that of face-to-face instruction. The answer? 57% of respondents believe that distance learning is equal or superior to classroom learning.

Auditing and Bookkeeping Training Online

A college education is increasingly important in the field of bookkeeping. In the past, a high school diploma was the standard minimum requirement for a clerk. But most employers today expect applicants for senior or managerial positions to have a bachelor’s degree. An online program in auditing and bookkeeping provides the perfect opportunity to get your start in this career.

Why Distance Learning?

Nearly one-third of the academic leaders surveyed by the Sloan Consortium believe that, in the coming years, online programs will offer a higher-quality education than the traditional campus learning format. Online schools can offer students highly organized educational resources that make the learning process much more efficient. Study groups can meet online, tutoring or mentoring can be conducted online, and students can submit assignments electronically. Is auditing and bookkeeping training online the right answer for you? First, consider your schedule, then consider how much time online education can save you–time better spent on your studies or other work. Take a closer look at courses offered online. You might find the best education through distance learning.


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