Ashford University

Since 1918, Ashford University has guided thousands of students to use higher education to climb ahead in life. You could be one of these success stories. Ashford University is an ideal choice for those with partial degrees for these 3 reasons: 1) Affordable – You will enjoy one of the lowest course costs available online. 2) Accelerated – You can earn your degree in a shorter time period. 3) Convenient – You will enjoy flexible, convenient online courses around the clock. [strong]Associate’s Degree[/strong] Many people have already told you: An education will change your life. Ashford University presents you with an even better idea: Get an online education without changing your life. You can earn an Associate’s degree in Business in as little 7 months, without entering a classroom. This will help you obtain the skills you need to improve your career and increase your salary potential. [strong]Bachelor’s Degrees[/strong] At Ashford University we know how busy your life can be. We recognize the daily burdens of the working adult and have created online degree programs to fit into your hectic lifestyle. If you want to enhance your earning potential and advance your career in no time, this is the school for you. [strong]Master’s Degrees[/strong] In today’s job market, higher education is no longer optional – it is required for career advancement and managerial roles. Ashford University has the Master’s degree program you need to accelerate your career, whether it is in business or teaching. With a Master’s Degree from Ashford University you can achieve the salary level and recognition that you deserve.