The Virtues And Vices Of Visual Communications

Distance learning programs. Movies on demand. Streaming videos on cell phones. Visual communications make our lives easier, and certainly more exciting. But are the advances in the field moving our society in a healthy direction? The verdict is still out on the contributions of visual communications.

The term “visual communications” refers to the variety of methods for relaying information through visual displays. Examples range from graphic art and video games to the more traditional billboards and even body motions. As technology expands the field of visual communications, the debate rages about its value to society. To some, the visual communications industry is a gateway to the future, increasing our abilities to share information and ideas. To others, it has become a distraction from human-to-human interaction.

Visual Communications: Highs and Lows

  • Bringing the World Home. Field photographers create digital photographs that reveal everything from remote jungle tribes to crowded city streets in a bold, new light. To see these different communities in a visual collection is stunning.
  • Capturing Kids’ Attention. A major protest against the growth of visual communications is the explosion of video games, text messaging, and web space. Some argue that more visual communication means less reading and fewer verbal interactions.
  • Introducing the Orb. Ambient Devices of Cambridge, Massachusetts has introduced a glowing orb that relays a variety of quantifiable data. If the Dow Jones is up, the orb glows green. A down day is signaled in a hue of red.

Visual Communications Professionals Needed

Because the Internet has fast become the visual communications medium of choice for hundreds of millions of people worldwide, professionals in the industry are seeing more employment opportunities than ever before.

Fascinating visual communications career fields include:

  • Video Director. From music videos on VH1 to highlight sequences on ESPN, the video director is a position in the upper level of the industry.
  • Documentary Producer. If the thrill of being a part of the scene is a must for you, a documentary producer covers an entire range of social scenarios.
  • Digital Artist. If you’re a techie with an eye for design, you can parlay your visual communications degree into a job as a graphic designer.

No matter what your position might be on the explosion of visual communications, there is little doubt that they will continue to change the way we view and share information.