Pixar’s John Lasseter: The Magician Of Animation

Although Pixar and Disney have been animation partners over the last several years, Pixar has had more success on the silver screen than their bigger and wealthier counterpart. The animation genius behind Pixar’s success is a man named John Lasseter.

If you have seen the movies Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, or Toy Story, then you know that Pixar animation studios are the best thing going in the computer animation world today. Disney recognized this and quickly made Pixar a partner in animation. John Lasseter, the main man at the Pixar studios, has quite literally taken the animation world by storm with his incredibly witty movies. Also an executive with Apple, Lasseter has aspired to be an animation professional since his childhood.

Pixar’s Animation Genius

  • Big Salary. John Lasseter makes over $2.4 million per year, which is five times more than the next animation executive makes.
  • Free Reign. Lasseter’s animation training has given him the authority to green light animation projects or give them the axe.
  • Great Publicity. His latest animation production, Cars, is getting rave reviews by various online media outlets.

Perhaps the reason that the animation profession is always in the spotlight is because it offers a unique mix of art and technology. If you have some basic drawing skills and some basic computer skills, you can earn your animation training through an online degree program. Here’s what you can expect.

An Online Animation Degree

  • Program Length. An online degree in animation typically involves a four-year training program from a technical school or college.
  • Career Outlook. If you have creativity, talent, and the right training, you will find many opportunities in the animation industry.

Certified animation training is the best way to begin your career in the coolest industry around today.