Interior Design Degree Online

Money can’t buy you happiness–unless you use it to redecorate your living room in bright, cheery colors. Better yet, earn your interior design degree and learn how to create mood-enhancing designs yourself. Online training in “happy decor” and other cutting-edge styles will put you at the forefront of the design game.

The New Face of Happiness
The new school of “happy decor” is a celebration of color and pattern. These are the days of banana yellow, cotton candy pink and lime green. The spare, black-white-beige look is out, replaced by ornate brass chandeliers and houndstooth-pattern upholstery. It’s a little like Alice in Wonderland meets Imperial Russia.

“Happiness” is all the rage lately–on the bookshelves, in college education, online–there’s a new emphasis in accentuating the positive rather than simply eliminating the negative. Influential designers have picked up on the psychological trend and interpreted it for interior design. Jonathan Adler comments: “Your home should be like a good dose of Zoloft.”

Finding Happiness with Interior Design Education Online
It’s an upbeat moment in the interior design world, a chance to put your design talent to good use. Of course, you’ll need some formal education to get started. Fortunately, online training has made an interior design education more accessible than ever. Online programs offer the comprehensive training necessary for certification. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Lighting and sound design
  • Regional building codes
  • Design materials
  • Structural design

With the recognition that interior design impacts mood, designers are assuming a more influential role than ever before. And they’re having more fun. Colors, patterns, shapes–today’s interior design is a celebration of life. With the right online training, you can tap into the happiness movement and let your imagination run wild.