Get The Dish On Design Careers

Want a career in design but aren’t sure which one to pursue? Here are a few of the most common design careers and what they involve. 

Interior Designer

Interior designers focus on residential and commercial interiors. They choose textiles, window coverings, rugs, carpet, furniture, and decorative arts to create a desirable environment. Most interior designers obtain their experience through a two-year accredited interior design program or relevant job experience. They may be required to be licensed within their state to legally carry out their services. Getting a license may involve passing an exam or demonstrating competency in the field through relevant work experience or an academic degree.

Web designer

The development of the Internet created a new field known as Web design. Web designers have both technical and creative skills; they know some programming languages such as HTML and PHP and have an understanding of graphic design principles. They might also have experience in managing and publishing content. Today’s web designers might work for a variety of organizations from online publications to ecommerce sites.

Graphic Designer

Graphic design is a field that has existed as long as advertisements have. They work for publishing houses, advertising firms, and graphic design firms. They also work within the sales and marketing divisions of many companies, creating marketing collateral such as brochures, newsletters, and business cards. Many graphic designers prepare for a career in graphic design through a design-related degree program, where they learn how to use programs like Photoshop and convey ideas through images.

Fashion Designer

Fashion is such a high-profile industry that most everyone has some sense of what is involved in a fashion design career. To get started, you might attend a fashion design school, where you learn how to sketch designs, choose textiles, and create elegant designs. After fashion school you might pursue an internship at a clothing company such as Calvin Klein or Donna Karan. Ultimately, you might find yourself designing a collection of high-end apparel or working as a buyer for a large clothing company.

If you’re interested in design, you have plenty of careers to choose from. Find out if a career in graphic, web, fashion, or interior design is in your future.