ECommerce Web Site Design: Harnessing The Power Of The Internet

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The explosion of e-commerce has created quite a buzz in the technology industry across the globe. Now companies can do business 24/7 and offer their customers service anytime, day or night. And these businesses pay top dollar to graphic designers for e-commerce web site design.

The growth of online sales in the past five years has made it crucial for businesses to develop quality e-commerce web sites. The ease of shopping online has sent millions of customers to the computer to pick up items once bought in a store. In response to this trend, companies routinely hire graphic design professionals to create their online presence. A quality e-commerce web site design not only sells goods and services around the clock, but is also the ultimate marketing tool to reach millions of targeted consumers. Here are some of the benefits of an e-commerce web site.

eCommerce Web Site Design: Powerful Online Tools

  • Information Bank. A knowledgeable customer is much more likely to make an online purchase, so companies want to provide instant information.
  • Cross Selling. is a great example of how an e-commerce web site can persuade customers to purchase items similar to their initial purchase.
  • Mailing List. In the world of e-commerce, a large e-mail list is as good as gold for future sales and promotions.

Earn your credentials in graphic design and you could make a career out of creating e-commerce web site designs for a variety of companies. The graphic design industry is keeping pace with the surge in e-commerce technologies, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a bright future for graphic design pros.

Graphic Design Degree Information

  • High Tech Training. Learn the advanced techniques of some of the most cutting-edge software in the industry.
  • Strong Market. Employment for graphic design pros is expected to grow at a steady pace in the next decade.
  • Competitive Salary. A qualified graphic design professional can expect to earn between $29,000 and $51,000 per year.

Earn your degree in graphic design and become an e-commerce design expert!