15 Best Midsize Cities For New Grads 2019

15 Best Midsize Cities for New Grads 2019

When newly minted college grads are ready to begin those careers they’ve worked so hard for, they should first decide where to start looking.

Graduates are often told that the world is their oyster, but it’s an awfully big world out there. Which cities are best for starting a career in one’s chosen field? A mid-sized city, one that’s not too big and not too small might be a great place to start looking — one that offers plenty of opportunity without costing you a fortune and making you feel lost in the shuffle.

OnlineDegrees.com can help. In this year’s ranking of the best mid cities for new grads, we’ve ranked 141 of the nation’s metropolitan areas with populations of 150,000-750,000, according to a 10-point scale for nine different factors, ranging from monthly rental prices and median earnings for bachelor’s degree holders to job growth projections and even arts and entertainment offerings. New this year are two additional metrics: average commute time and crime rate.

Whether you’re ready to relocate or just want to know where your hometown ranks on our list, keep reading to discover the best big cities for new college graduates.