An online associate's degree in computer arts might focus on computer science, computer programming, computer information systems, or more. Computer arts encompasses a broad array of skills and career possibilities. Computer science programs provide a solid foundation in computer technology development and research. Online associate's degrees in computer programming take a more applied approach, with career training in computer coding languages and concepts. Information systems degrees focus on the use of computer systems to solve business problems.

Your IT Career

Depending on your online degree program, you could go on to an entry-level career as a computer scientist, programmer, database administrator, or systems analyst. Computer arts careers are among the fastest-growing in the nation, with job growth more than 27% expected through 2014. The median annual salary for computer research scientists in 2004 was $85,190, and programmers, database administrators, and systems analysts earned salaries in the $60-70,000 range. For these kinds of salaries, however, you'll want to continue in school for a bachelor's or master's degree.